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To all my haters, keep sucking. Im about to cum. PM - 8 Jul 38, Retweets; 76, Likes; Minkov · Mace/Adam · DutyBomb12 · Matthew.

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Definition of SUCK IT UP (phrase): used for saying someone must accept an suck it up and be a man, or every time you get an ache and pain you can go out.

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Bella: She keeps sucking up to the boss. The expression to suck up to someone means to be obsequious or to say positive things about someone in order to.

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The word “suck” in slang means that you're bad at something, or you're The kid told his parents they suck because they wouldn't let him go in the pool at night. In the 19th century, at least in America and possibly in Britain, sucking eggs is so one would say to someone who was annoying you "Oh, go suck an egg" as.

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